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1501 00h:13:29 Server Did not start
306 02h:47:32 Server Running 00h:00:30 02h:47:02 *
1520 04h:01:48 Server Running 00h:02:40 03h:59:08 *
311 04h:57:44 Server Running 00h:01:42 04h:56:02 *
1517 07h:17:54 Server Finished 07h:12:06
309 11h:57:46 Server Finished 05h:31:06
501 14h:57:12 Server Finished 09h:31:51
1518 16h:27:21 Server Finished 06h:58:30
1523 16h:41:24 Server Finished 06h:39:14
293 21h:25:02 Server Finished 06h:04:34
312 23h:54:35 Server Finished 08h:11:33

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